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About Us

Sacred Space Gardens provides sustainable gardening services to the Twin Cities metro. We see a garden bed as an opportunity to teach and encourage a love for the natural world. We offer garden maintenance, installation and design. We love that no garden is the same and everyone, and every yard has different needs. Educating each other on the importance of creating wildlife habitat and growing beautiful chemical-free gardens is our passion and purpose on this earth. We love to construct pollinator gardens, rain gardens. As well as provide ecological assessments, composting assessments, and pollinator assessments. To ensure your yard is providing a safe habitat for our local wildlife

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About Us

Maddie has been gardening since 2015 and before that worked as an educational farm manager in Northern California. Where she taught at-risk high school students about farming, gardening, animal care and to love nature. She cared for the livestock and oversaw the vegetable plot. Every year she teaches Composting 101 classes in the Twin Cities, where she emphasizes the importance of compost in the garden and for reducing greenhouse gasses. Maddie has also completed the Master Gardener course through the U of M and continues to take gardening classes whenever she can fit them in.

She is the mother of twin toddler girls, named Flora and Fauna. She is also a dog mom (border collie and chihuahua) and has an amazing partner, Toshio. Her and Toshio dream of starting a vegetable farm and actually have started farming Microgreens and mushrooms right in Mendota Heights! You can follow along on their farming journey here: Northland Farm


“Sacred Space Gardens did some fall cleanup work for us. They provided excellent service! She came out and made and assessment on what work needed to be done. She was always very clear about how detailed the staff could be and made sure that they were treating the gardens in the way that we preferred. Maddie’s approach was thorough and thoughtful and very detail oriented. I highly recommend them!”


“Maddie and team have been amazing to work with for all of our landscaping and flowering needs. They are reasonably priced and extremely hard workers! Highly recommend!”


“My pollinator garden was overgrown and lacked definition. Maddie and her crew came in and made paths, mulched and created the wavy outside curve I had envisioned. Everyone was friendly and hardworking. I felt like they really cared about my space. I appreciated that Maddie would work with a design plan I had and we added our own ideas. She checked in with me each day as we made decisions together. I also had a space dug out for raised beds. This was a jumpstart for me to enjoy my garden again.”


“The Sacred Space Gardens team has done an awesome job in our backyard for the last two spring/summer seasons. They’ve refreshed our yard and our perennial gardens after the last two winters. This last spring they weeded our brick borders, installed two new ones, and removed three tenacious gnarly trumpet vines from our garage (because we’re getting new siding). Best of all, they completely tore out our scrubby backyard turf and planted a 100% cover of mini clover, which looks and feels marvelous, and is impervious to dog pee. I highly recommend Maddie and her crew!”


“Maddie and her team did an amazing job transforming our back yard into a relaxing retreat. Looking forward to continuing our collaboration next season!”

-Scott and Robyn

“Maddie and the team at Sacred Spaces transformed our yard. They removed drab landscaping rock and planted a variety of gorgeous plants. Our yard is now vibrant and inviting! Maddie is a great communicator, easy to work with, and knows her stuff. Highly recommend!”