Sacred Space Gardens

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”

Stone Edging

This was such a fun project! Our clients Scott and Robyn were open to almost anything as long as it was sustainable and beautiful. They were so fun to work with! They had a backyard that had pretty much only grass and a few hostas. They asked us to add perennials and bushes around the fence line inside the backyard, plus along the edges of their back deck. As well as plant veggies in their raised beds, and fill their pots on the deck with flowers. The challenges of this project were: Shade and the shallow roots of the big tree that was causing the most shade.

  • Never chop into large roots of a tree to plant, work around them. It’s okay to chop small roots but best avoided
  • Monitor the areas you want planted so that we know what type of plants to put there…shade tolerant, lots of sun…etc.
  • Measure precisely the areas that you want stones laid, we ended up with only a few extra stones!
  • They requested flowering plants to increase pollinator habitat to teach their son about pollination, so we added some native plants and non-native plants that flower.
We had sedges planted in front there, the bunnies got to it on day 2, mowed them haha
Lime barberry bushes are our favorite!
Rhododendron bush on the end here
Laying the stones

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