Sacred Space Gardens

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”

Reducing Lawn

Our client, Nor, presented us with a grassy hillside, saying that she’d like to eliminate lawn on her property (so that she wouldn’t have to mow). She has a small tree at the top of the hill with some shade so we planted hostas up there, and then as the sun increased we planted Coral Bells, a deep purple variety. So beautiful. And we planted some sedges. We added mulch and dug down deep next to the sidewalk so that it wouldn’t spill onto it. This was a fun project and removing the grass was tougher than anticipated!

  • When removing grass you can dig it out with a shovel, kill it by pinning a tarp down for a few weeks, or use a sod cutter that you can push with your foot. The tarp is the easiest, the slowest and the ugliest way to remove it but cheap and effective.
  • Dig down next to the sidewalk so that the mulch won’t spill over the edge, onto the sidewalk
  • Have a plan on where to bring the grass/dirt. It all gets very heavy to move.

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