Sacred Space Gardens

Learn to Grow Microgreens

Grow fresh, nutrient dense, Microgreens at home! It’s easy, and fun to have something green in your windowsill all winter long.

Check out this quick video I made to show you how quick and simple it is to grow them. We grow them at our urban farm, Northland Farm, but in the video I am showing you how to grow them, in a window sill at home.

Supplies Used:

The trays are ‘Driscoll’ Strawberry and blackberry lids.

The seeds we have are from Kitazawa and Johnnys Seeds. If I want to buy smaller amounts, locally, I go to Eggplant Farm Supply.

I used Coconut Coir as the growing medium, but a good quality, fine, potting soil is fine too.

*Pro-Tip: To avoid mold from growing in your greens, be sure to clean everything very thoroughly before seeding. I wash the trays with dish soap and water, spray down all the surfaces I am about to use with an alcohol solution, and water from the bottom. So if your tray is on a plate, pour a little water into the plate and let the soil soak it up.

Thanks for checking out my video about growing Microgreens and I hope you will start growing them in your window sills! Be sure to tag @sacredspacegardens on Social so I can see what you’ve got growing!

Not interested in growing them yourself? No problem, check out @northlandfarm and sign up for their weekly Microgreens delivery at

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