Sacred Space Gardens

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”

The New Truck

Last summer we desperately needed a truck as job requests were getting larger and we were getting busier. Running a gardening business out of my Toyota RAV4 was getting ridiculous. Then we bought this stupid, rusted out, POS: the white truck. Lessons were learned……and ultimately sold it to someone who understands diesel engines for muchContinue reading “The New Truck”

A blend of Wild and Tame

Our client, Lisa, presented us with a wildflower space that had gone to the weeds. She had various places in her yard that needed attention: -We cleaned up the wildflower area and added a stepping stone path and re-did her garden along the fence line -Planted a Northern Redbud tree and a Royal Raindrops CrabappleContinue reading “A blend of Wild and Tame”

Replacing Raised Beds

Our Client, Lesley, presented us with a raised bed that had a thistle forest growing in it. She said they used to grow lots of food in there. She requested new raised beds that were higher up and a stable footing underneath. She also had us do lots of work all around her yard, planting,Continue reading “Replacing Raised Beds”