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What Style of Compost Bin is Right for Me?

Don’t be confused by the plethora of different compost bins on the market. There are so many different styles and sales pitches out there. Honestly, almost any system will work – as long as you’re going to actually use it! This could be a wooden structure, a tumbler, a wire bin, or a pile in your yard. The key is to doContinue reading “What Style of Compost Bin is Right for Me?”

3 Indoor Crafts to do this Winter

We live in Minnesota, gardening zone 4. Growing seasons are short, but we can do all sorts of planning and prep inside! I have twin 4 year olds, so they’ll probably “help” me with these, but they’re totally fun for adults too! Here are 3 projects you can work on this winter. Indoor fairy gardenContinue reading “3 Indoor Crafts to do this Winter”

3 Reasons to Garden with Chickens

Chickens have been a garden companion since the dawn of time (don’t look up that fact, I made it up) But really…Chickens are a great addition to any urban or rural yard. They have the obvious benefits of providing eggs and meat to humans, but did you know that they also help keep our gardensContinue reading “3 Reasons to Garden with Chickens”

Learn to Grow Microgreens

Grow fresh, nutrient dense, Microgreens at home! It’s easy, and fun to have something green in your windowsill all winter long. Check out this quick video I made to show you how quick and simple it is to grow them. We grow them at our urban farm, Northland Farm, but in the video I amContinue reading “Learn to Grow Microgreens”

Garden Tip: Leave up your plant stalks all winter to help wildlife

When you leave up plant stalks like grasses, perennials, woody plant blooms, you provide winter interest and allow wildlife (like birds and bees) to use the parts of the plants that they need for survival. All of my advice is for in and around zone 4. If you need help finding your gardening zone, takeContinue reading “Garden Tip: Leave up your plant stalks all winter to help wildlife”

2020, the year to plant Natives!

I recently attended the Wild Ones Native Plant Conference, where my knowledge of Native Plants was far expanded! I feel very benefited from the conference and so I went through my materials to gleam some information to share with you all, about why native plantings are so important, and why Sacred Space Gardens is choosingContinue reading “2020, the year to plant Natives!”

The New Truck

Last summer we desperately needed a truck as job requests were getting larger and we were getting busier. Running a gardening business out of my Toyota RAV4 was getting ridiculous. Then we bought this stupid, rusted out, POS: the white truck. Lessons were learned……and ultimately sold it to someone who understands diesel engines for muchContinue reading “The New Truck”

A blend of Wild and Tame

Our client, Lisa, presented us with a wildflower space that had gone to the weeds. She had various places in her yard that needed attention: -We cleaned up the wildflower area and added a stepping stone path and re-did her garden along the fence line -Planted a Northern Redbud tree and a Royal Raindrops CrabappleContinue reading “A blend of Wild and Tame”