Our Services

We provide sustainable gardening services for residences and businesses within the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.


Garden Maintenance

We will perform maintenance of your garden on a regular basis to ensure it is always looking its best. Maintenance is available April through October. Together we will determine how much time will be needed to optimally maintain your gardens.

This service includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Weeding
  • Trimming
  • Deadheading (removing spent blooms)
  • Splitting and transplanting (moving plants around for aesthetic or plant health reasons)
  • Mulching

Starting at $80 per month.  Get a customized quote today.

Garden Installation

We install gardens designs created by us or by other garden designers. Many people find this a cost-effective way to get the garden of their dreams. This service is tailored to your personal needs. Our experienced crew will expertly install your design and coach you on how to care for your new garden (or we can maintain it!).

We install all types of gardens including:

  • Vegetable gardens
  • Raised bed gardens
  • Perennial gardens
  • Native plant gardens
  • Wildflower gardens
  • Pollinator Gardens
  • Rain Gardens

Because we use hand tools we do not work on hardscape construction projects.

Contact us for a customized quote.

Garden Design & Coaching

If you're interested in adding a new garden or giving your current one a makeover, our garden design service is helpful to bring your garden into an organized plan. This service begins with an on-site consultation to discuss your goals and preferences. We will create a scale drawing of your garden area with specific plant names. You can then install the garden yourself, or let us handle the installation for you. We will provide an estimate for our crew to install you garden design.

We also offer Garden Coaching to address issues or to help you take your garden to the next level. During a coaching session, which is 1 hour, we will walk through your gardens and discuss your ideas and needs. Then we'll provide you with a written plan with plant suggestions and a plan of action via email.

We can discuss things like:

  • Composting
  • Pollinator habitat
  • Growing food
  • Creating more low-maintenance spaces

Garden Design and Coaching starts at $100.  Get a customized quote today.

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"Maddie and the team at Sacred Space Gardens transformed our yard. They removed drab landscaping rock and planted a variety of gorgeous plants. Our yard is now vibrant and inviting! Maddie is a great communicator, easy to work with, and knows her stuff. Highly recommend!"
~ Dominique