Sacred Space Gardens

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”


Garden Services

We offer:

Garden bed design

Garden Installation

Garden Maintenance

We pride ourselves on helping you create your ideal garden space while keeping your budget in mind.

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Monthly Maintenance Plan

Want your gardens maintained and looking amazing all summer?

This is the best option for you!

The Plan Details:

  • Invoiced after each visit
  • We can determine, together, how much time we would need to spend to optimally maintain your gardens
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Maddie offers Composting 101 Classes at various times throughout the year:

Food waste makes up 1/3 of our landfills and is a causes of greenhouse gas emissions. We can do something about that, and enrich our garden soil! The answer is Home Composting! Join our class to learn about the different composting systems, the benefits, and troubleshooting.

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Please Note:

We are unable to do anything with large equipment, such as building decks, patios, cement work. We are people powered and have hand tools. However we have people we work with who we can refer.

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